Games – Ohio & HNE Games

Welcome to Games – Ohio & HNE Games. You may be wondering what happened to the old Games – Ohio website. After a less than stellar year, Games – Ohio had to downsize. There is only so much that we can do to get people to attend an activity or event without the costs getting out of hand.

When the South Lorain Card Players Association (SLCPA) league began back in 2002, it was to provide a safe space for the local kids to play the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh trading card games. As time went on, I expanded the SLCPA beyond just a league. Beginning in 2011, it became the means of organizing activities and events throughout north-central Ohio under the name of Games – Ohio (GO). We had a good streak of successful activities and events until mid-2015.

Beginning in mid-2015, it became more and more difficult to gather enough players to sanction activities and events through the game companies. During mid-2015, through the first quarter of 2016, of 16 tournaments planned, only eight had at least eight players. This includes both physical and online tournaments. I have come to realize that my activities and events are the most successful when they are paired up with a larger activity or event. Around the start of 2016, a few game companies had informed me that the Cleveland, Ohio area was no longer a feasible area for special activities and events. Two of those game companies had also backed out of providing promotional materials for Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con 2016.

I had tried to keep Games – Ohio going as it was, but obviously it was not to be. I am much older than when I started in the league back in 2002, and my priorities have shifted. The kids that I had originally started the SLCPA with have all grown up and a few even have careers and families. In addition, there are so many other extra-curricular opportunities for kids these days.

I plan to run some occasional online activities and events, plus perhaps help out those who could use my services to run an activity or event during their larger activity or event. For example, run an activity or event during a championship tournament or convention. However, I will no longer run a league and at some point the future, the Games – Ohio name may be changed to HNE Games.

I would like to thank all of you who had participated in my activities and events over the years. Some of you are why I kept running these activities and events even after the kids that I had originally started with had moved on. Hopefully, I will see you around sometime in the future.

  • Anthony Haslage